Customized Medications

At Custom Healthcare Compounding Pharmacy, we provide individualized medications for people and animals in every stage of life. 

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Our goal is to work within the “triad-of-care” and partner with patients and their healthcare providers to provide innovative pharmaceutical options and highest quality of care.

Mail/Delivery Services
  • USPS Priority Mail to all patients in California.
  • Prescriptions shipped in weatherproof mailers, with ice packs during warmer months.
  • Overnight, Saturday, and early morning delivery services available in some areas for an additional charge.
PCAB Gold Seal of Accreditation
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Custom Healthcare Compounding Pharmacy

Custom HealthCare Compounding Pharmacy in Laguna Hills, CA focuses on providing custom compounded medications for patients.

We believe that each patient is unique and has specific needs. Those needs may best be met with a compounded formulation designed specifically for them.

Compounding is our specialty and focus because it’s what we do best! To ensure our pharmacy provides the highest level of quality and customer service, Custom HealthCare Compounding Pharmacy only offers compounding services and doesn’t fill commercially available medications. This allows us to dedicate more time to our patients and the healthcare providers we collaborate with.

Specializing in

Customized Medications

Using state-of-the-art pharmacy equipment, specialized training, and unique software/computer systems, we are able to precisely compound each prescribed medication.

Purchasing pharmaceutical ingredients/chemicals from federally-inspected and registered manufactures ensures the quality of our compounded medications.


Hormone Therapy for Women

Individual hormone treatments for all stages of a woman’s life.


Medications for Children

Meeting the unique medication needs of all types of children.


Hormone Therapy for Men

Customized therapies to help maintain a man’s health and vitality.


Veterinary Medications

Unique medication dosage forms, doses and flavors for all animals. 

Online Prescription Services

For your convenience, you can order your refills online or transfer your prescriptions to our pharmacy.

We look forward to caring for you and your family.



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